Archives for May 22, 2007

  1. Wanted, one Blog Chair for Second Life

    Based on the high demand, we’re forming a Second Life leadership council to help direct DEN activities there, as well as organize events in SL for STAR’s to get started there.  As of right now we have a Council Chair and Events co-chairs, but we still don’t have a Blog Chair for the Council.  We […]

  2. Big things happening in Second Life!

    Do you feel a buzz?  If you do, it just might be the flurry of activity that’s happening in Second Life!  After a great meeting last week to talk about what the DEN’s presence in Second Life should look like, we’ve got a fantastic group of STAR’s who have volunteered to take the reigns and […]

  3. What is a DEN event?

    As you know, STAR Discovery Educators are asked to report at least two events each year in order to maintain their STAR status and all the benefits that come with it.  So, what is an event?  Any time you share the power of Discovery with other educators (3 or more), you are hosting an event. […]

  4. Looking for Money?

    A colleague of mine made me aware of a website where teachers can go to submit small grant proposals for a variety of needs in their classroom.  At Donor’s Choose, you can type up your proposal and then donors can browse those proposals and choose which one(s) they wish to fund.  My colleague received $200 […]