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Do you Woot?

Do you Woot?

This site has nothing to do with education.  Instead, it’s all about saving money and getting techie geeky things for really cheap prices.  In other words, if you enjoy reading this blog, then you just may become hooked on Woot! Woot is a website that has a different deal every day.  One day it might

Wireless VideoCam: Birds Eye View

I blame Joe Brennan.  He emailed me about a $6 wireless mike from –no endorsement implied– but I sprang for the $32 wireless video camera just to check it out. How good (or bad) could a $32 wireless video camera be?  I ordered it, it came.  Birds had built a nest in the eaves

Memory Days

     A few years ago we in the A.V. department of my former school were surprised to find history students coming in to edit video interviews of WWII vets, WAC’s, and “Rosie the riveters.” It was a great learning experience for the students, but I wish we had been forewarned. Most of the half

Counting Categories

Over the past few weeks we have received lots of "How Do I…?" e-mails and phone calls.  The response has always been to provide the answer and direct them to the appropriate blog posting for future reference. Now it used to be that if you were searching for a particular solution, say getting closed-captioning to

Discovery Education Science Connection: Offer for STARs Reminder

Just a quick reminder that if your school is interested in taking us up on the special STAR pricing for Discovery Education Science Connection, the deadline is June 15, 2007.  If you want a run-through via webinar, have a special request or just have some questions, contact me (  We still have some space available

Kartoo: Map out your search results

I have to admit, I’m not exactly sure how to describe Kartoo.  It’s essentially a search engine that maps out the results graphically and shows the connections between them.  Does that mean you’ll get better results?  Well, not necessarily, but you’ll understand how they relate to each other.  Whenever possible, Kartoo also inserts keywords in

Internet Safety and Ethical Use of Technology

“Internet Safety and Ethical Use of Technology” is a very hot topic in education. Education is really on the front line of this issue as there are challenges on all sides. Where are we in Illinois on this issue? What are Illinois schools doing to help promote Internet Saftey? Do we really need to teach