Archives for June 2, 2007

  1. Gamer Generation

         Many, many years ago, before it was common for schools and teachers to have websites, Alan November shook my edtech world up a bit when he showed me how hate groups and supremacist organizations “got” the Internet as an education, communication and PR tool. I had that same feeling a couple of years […]

  2. Summertime! WOOHOO! And WHAT will you be doing?

    Just think about it!  Summertime (read: NO SCHOOL!) is right around the corner.  What are your plans this summer? Here’s one option:  If you’re not already a Discovery Educator you might want to check it out here.  Here’s another option:  Explore the multi-user virtual environment (MUVE) of Second Life.  Why?  Hint, hint:  DEN has established […]