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Help Shape the Future of a New Product!

Help Shape the Future of a New Product!

Help us in shaping the future of a brand new product: Discovery Education Science Connection: Elementary Edition.  Based on the success of Discovery Education Science Connection, the groundbreaking online science resource for middle-school students, we have begun to develop an elementary edition.  If you teach Science at the Elementary level, take a few minutes and

Safari for Windows: A shot of Apple for your PC

This morning during Steve Jobs’ keynote at WWDC, Apple officially introduced Safari 3 for Windows.  I’m pretty much married to Firefox at this point, but I can’t resist trying out a new browser so I gave it a download.  Right off the bat, it got on my nerves.  When you first run it, it’s SUPPOSED

My Bad :(

Sorry Guys- I went back to WebWare’s voting site (see my last post) later in the day & found out that the voting period is now over. But…as soon as the results are available, I will post them here for you! This internet thing really does work fast 🙂

Which Widget Will Win WebWare 100?

Did all you DEN Dudes Do your Duty to Decide ‘Da Digital Dominators?  Wouldn’t it be really annoying if I wrote my entire post that way?  But seriously, who doesn’t love a good alliteration? 🙂  Now that you have absolutely NO idea what this post is about, I’ll get it it (Thanks, Heather).  WebWare is

Day of Discovery in Wisconsin

I’m not sailor.  I tried it once when I was a camper back in the day.  I was pretty clueless, and when somebody yelled "Boom coming through!" I stood up to see what they were talking about.  *BAM*  I swam home. Saturday though was a completely different experience.  I spent the day with with the