Archives for June 11, 2007

  1. Help Shape the Future of a New Product!

    Help us in shaping the future of a brand new product: Discovery Education Science Connection: Elementary Edition.  Based on the success of Discovery Education Science Connection, the groundbreaking online science resource for middle-school students, we have begun to develop an elementary edition.  If you teach Science at the Elementary level, take a few minutes and […]

  2. My Bad :(

    Sorry Guys- I went back to WebWare’s voting site (see my last post) later in the day & found out that the voting period is now over. But…as soon as the results are available, I will post them here for you! This internet thing really does work fast

  3. Which Widget Will Win WebWare 100?

    Did all you DEN Dudes Do your Duty to Decide ‘Da Digital Dominators?  Wouldn’t it be really annoying if I wrote my entire post that way?  But seriously, who doesn’t love a good alliteration?   Now that you have absolutely NO idea what this post is about, I’ll get it it (Thanks, Heather).  WebWare is […]