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K12 Tech Camp – Midweek report

K12 Tech Camp – Midweek report

Day 3 had us starting our project creations, using iMovie/iPhoto and all the effects and transitions that can be used…and intro to the programs for most of us. Tony Vincent’s site http://www.learninginhand.com/blog/ is keeping track of all the keynotes he gives us~http://www.learninginhand.com/softreset/index.html and on Tuesday he spoke about podcasts and showed uo what’s out there…including

eSchool News: DEN is transforming teacher development

The top story on eSchool News today is "Online communities transform teacher development" and you’ll never guess which learning community gets the top billing? Ok, maybe you will guess it!  Our very own Discovery Educator Network.  According to eSchool News, resources like the DEN are "changing the way schools approach staff development–and changing how educators

You want more webinars? You got them!

Based on the feedback we received from our recent survey, you guys really love them webinars. An unbelievable number of people said that they’d love to see more online webinars next year covering even more topics. You want it?  You got it! Summer Webinar Schedule (for specific dates, see calendar below)We’re going to start off

Day of Discovery – Orlando, FL

One thing that I’ve come to love in the year and a half that I’ve been a DEN member is seeing and being with members of the Discovery Education team. Top to bottom some of the most energetic educators that I’ve come across, and with one goal in mind, making our jobs as educators easier.

Preparing for fall

Hello again!  It’s Lynn from Illinois.  I haven’t been on in a while; May always seems to be gone as quickly as it comes! I’m looking for some help from people who have used ThinkLink for a couple of years.  I am working with my schools to establish our timeline for fall.  So, all you