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A Day of Discovery!

A Day of Discovery!

We have decided to postpone this event, due to busy schedules and the upcoming National Institute.  We’ll reschedule it very soon, so be sure to check back for details!  Please continue to vote on the poll so we can plan something beneficial for everyone! We are currently in the process of planning a DEN event

Wiki, anyone?

Wikispaces is giving away 100,000 free wikis to K-12 teachers.  The spaces are being given away on a first-come-first-served basis.  So far, over 28,000 spaces have been claimed.  To get yours, visit Wikispaces for teachers and "start a Wiki in 30 seconds."

More fun from Tech Camp

Day 3, Wednesday, continued… More suggestions from Tony Vincent for blogs/podcasts, etc to check out… CU Online: Educational Technology News and Resources Learning Now blog from PBS TeacherSource 2 Cents Worth Educational Technology Blog by David Warlick not educational but good for teachers (anyone) bargains online Ben’s Bargain Blog Tony discussed podcasts, RSS feeds, etc…how

Day of Discovery

I just attended the Day of Discovery in Orlando, FL.  This took place at the Peabody, and we found that the ducks are not the only ones treated like royalty.  We began the day with fresh fruit and a continental breakfast, and that was followed with an entertaining presentation by Lance Rougeux on the challenges

Summer Webinar Schedule

  6/18/2007   1:00pm EST   OnePlace   Kelli Campbell   6/21/2007   8:00pm EST   DEN   Group Chat   Steve Dembo   6/25/2007   1:00pm EST   Help   Math   Bob Onsi   7/2/2007   1:00pm EST   PowerMediaPlus   Sara Fisher   7/5/2007   8:00pm EST   DEN   Group Chat

The Last Day of School

You might have seen this already, but just in case here is a little end of the year humor from the perspective of a student (albeit a green one with bunny ears).  Thanks to my wonderful fiancee for sending it to me.  Enjoy!

What Type of Technology User are You?

The following was posted on the Textually website: “The Pew Internet and American Life Project found that adult Americans are broadly divided into three groups: 31% are elite technology users, 20% are moderate users and the remainder has little or no use of the Internet or cellphones. But Americans are divided within each group, according