Archives for June 20, 2007

  1. DEN Leadership Institute Day 3, Part Deux!

    This is not my day for Internet connections.  It took me 3 tries to get my last post blogged because I kept getting my wifi connection dropped.  Now I’m back at the hotel and it just happened again (always just as I am pressing "save" on this blog!).  So…let’s see if we can get this […]

  2. DEN Leadership Institute Day 3, Part One

    Okay, it is right after lunch and we are in a great discussion about ways to make unitedstreaming better.  Lots of good ideas coming through.  If you have an idea, post your comment here.  The "powers that be" do check these blogs and may find your idea to be absolutely great! In the meantime, here […]

  3. Hesitant Teachers

    Greetings Assessment Bloggers: Yesterday I met with a school new to ThinkLink this fall.  We were talking about the power of the program, and then the discussion turned to teacher buy-in.  They have several teachers who are, quite frankly, tired of having another new thing added that they have to learn and implement.  Other than […]

  4. Great Tech Training!

    Okay gang………I am in the midst of my first DEN Summer Institute and WOW!We are in Sliver Spring this week and are in day 3. I have seen and learned so many amazing things thus far. If any of you are singed up to attend the other two institutes in FL and CA you are […]

  5. DEN Leadership Institute Day 2!

    Okay, this is technically day 3, but I was too wiped out last night to post a blog.  Now, refreshed and fed, this is my third attempt to post this morning.  Discovery is a wonderful company with wonderful products, but their wireless connections….. Anyway, we spent yesterday with Joe Brennan learning about digital storytelling, storyboarding, […]