Daily Archives: June 23, 2007

DC Institute final report

Or not so final – the last few days of the DC Institute were packed with activity. This blog cannot hold it all, so keep checking back as we share more of the great ideas that came from this institute. First, let’s answer the quiz question asked in the last update. Who is Walter? Of


Hello Assessment fans, my name is Laurie and I have been invited to be a guest author on this assessment blog. I just finished my 11th year in education, all of it in the elementary realm. I have taught first grade, elementary gifted K-5, and I am currently an elementary reading coach and part-time data

Gamer Generation Redux

     Many of us are packing and heading to NECC this week so I thought I’d sneak in one more reminder about the two, 1 hour "Gamer Generation" episodes re-airing on the Discovery Times Channel before the blog posts come pouring in from Atlanta.     Computer gaming in its several forms is obviously an

NECC Bound!

Today’s the day. In about 2 hours the trusty family car will be loaded and on the road north to Atlanta. After a quick stop in Wildwood, FL and Camp Wildwood Girl Scouts Camp to pick up my daughter I’ll be on I-75 and ready to settle in for the constant droning of pavement under