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NECC Precon Event Stone Mountain, GA

NECC Precon Event Stone Mountain, GA

How fitting that for our DEN NECC Preconference Event that we were meeting in Memorial "Hall" at Stone Mountain, GA. Our morning started with a continental breakfast overlooking the relief sculptures here at Stone Mountain. The view of course was spectacular and brought back memories of climbing up Stone Mountain when I was a wee

Science Fiction or Reality?

In an earlier posting, I mentioned that the imagining of a flexible, interactive, portable, and digital liquid crystal interface in Neal Stephenson’s cyberpunk novel, The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer, seem to be evolving into a reality with the development of e-paper. I found another striking connection between Stephenson’s postmodernist writings and

Luddites and the Challenge of Early Adopters

Headline – Half of Americans barely use new technology! According to a May 11, 2007, article in The Economist, Luddites in Cyberspace: They are the first on the block with the latest gizmo. They think nothing of paying $750 for a Nokia N95—that ultimate of go-anywhere, cell-cum-everything accoutrements. They upload digital content to social networks

Evolution of E-Paper

I know that many of you have already seen Karl Fisch’s "Did You Know – Shift Happens" presentation.  One of the items contained in that presentation is the assertion that e-paper will become cheaper than traditional paper. I ran across an article, Paper Chase, in the Economist on June 15 that elaborates upon the technology

News from NECC

For those of you are like me – not lucky enough to be attending NECC in Atlanta – here are some updates from Kristin Hokanson.  She posted the following on her "The Connected Classroom" blog on Saturday. Kristin also referenced the EduBloggerCon wiki.  Check it out if you have not already stumbled across it in

Off to NECC…

This morning … I am off again to Atlanta. NECC here I come. I managed to be home for 36 hours after the DEN National Institute. If you are going to be at NECC and you want to be a guest blogger email me! Send me the blog post and any pictures you want added.