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Well, the temps around our fine state have been heating up as of late and one would imagine that leaves many opportunities for inside activities!  If you are looking for some diverse, engaging and interesting opportunities for professional development all from the comfort of your own home, look no further.  Discovery Education has announced the next round of webinars (all times are in EST).




PowerMediaPlus             Sara Fisher

7/5/07 8:00pm DEN Group Chat           Steve Dembo
7/9/07 1:00pm Science Connection         Bob Onsi
7/10/07 5:00pm Digital Media in Inspiration/Kidspiration Jennifer Gingerich
7/16/07 1:00pm

unitedstreaming   (Plus & Media Packs)             Shelley Santora Jones

7/19/07 8:00pm DEN   Group Chat         Steve Dembo
7/23/07 1:00pm Health Connection           Bob Onsi
7/24/07 7:00pm Summer Streamin’        Lance Rougeux
7/30/07 1:00pm ThinkLink Assessment:I    can see clearly now!          Donna Neblett
8/2/07 8:00pm  DEN Group Chat           Steve Dembo
8/6/07 1:00pm OnePlace                      Kelli Campbell
8/7/07 5:00pm The Secret ‘i" in iPod       Hall Davidson
8/13/07 1:00pm Help Math                      Bob Onsi
8/16/07 8:00pm DEN Group Chat           Steve Dembo
8/20/07 1:00pm PowerMediaPlus             Sara Fisher
8/21/07 7:00pm Makin’ Movies                 Joe Brennen
8/27/07 1:00pm Science Connection         Bob Onsi
8/28/07 7:00pm State of the DEN Report & Feedback                    Scott Kinney
8/30/07 8:00pm

DEN   Group Chat         Steve Dembo

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