50 Ways at NECC

As promised, here is the 50 Ways to Integrate unitedstreaming presentation we presented in the booth at NECC.  It’s a fun presentation for getting your colleagues excited about the many ways to use unitedstreaming as they prepare for the new school year.  Also, I included the unitedstreaming and Google Earth tutorial.  Enjoy!

50 Ways to Integrate unitedstreaming PowerPoint


Resources for 50 Ways (may take some time to download…approx. 20 mb)


unitedstreaming and Google Earth (may take some time to
download…approx. 16 mb)



  1. Martha Thornburgh

    Thanks for the resources. I will use this to inspire other teachers. So far, I am unable to open the links in the PowerPoint. I downloaded the resource files and put them in the same folder as the PPt. What else do I need to do? Thanks again for this great resource.

  2. Teryl Magee - TN DEN LC, Chair

    Thanks for sharing! Yesterday I used your Google Earth PowerPoint you had posted earlier at our Day of Discovery in Knoxville! I appreciate it!

  3. Susan Tompkins

    Thanks for the Powerpoint! I will certainly use it to motivate our teaching staff so they may see plenty of opportunities for using unitedstreaming! Others and myself really appreciated your input at the DC Institute! Congrats on the wedding!

  4. Linda

    I also can not get the Power Point links to work. I also tried in and out of the zip folder and no luck. Are there other directions we need to follow. I think it could be very useful for staff training, but never having seen it I do not know what file goes with which slide to try and recreate it.

  5. Lee Kolbert

    Hi Lance,
    YOU ROCK!!!

    Thank you for always sharing your great ideas. I am also having a little trouble getting the files to work within your PP. I put them in the same folder, but some are working some are not. Is that a known issue?
    Thanks again!

  6. Lance

    Thanks for all the nice comments. I am not sure why the resources are not working. You might have to re-link the files from within the PPT.

  7. Martha Thornburgh

    I am guessing that you are right about relinking. How do we know which file to link to each link?


  8. Lynn Burdick

    Hi-I’m having trouble reading the PowerPoint file as well. I’m getting a “no text converter for this file-type is installed” error. In what PPT version was this created? Thanks for the help!

  9. Pat Burns

    For anyone still having trouble getting the links to work, the problem is how the .zip file was compiled.

    There is a folder, “Resources for 50 Ways”, within the .zip file that contains all the resource files, but the PowerPoint does not reference this folder. So extracting the .zip file to the same folder as the PPT places the resources one folder deeper then linked in the PPT.

    So the work-around would be to place the PPT inside the “Resources for 50 Ways” folder. Alternatively, you could move the resource files and folders out of the “Resources for 50 Ways” folder so that they are in the same folder as the PPT.

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