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  1. Science Fiction or Reality?

    In an earlier posting, I mentioned that the imagining of a flexible, interactive, portable, and digital liquid crystal interface in Neal Stephenson’s cyberpunk novel, The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer, seem to be evolving into a reality with the development of e-paper. I found another striking connection between Stephenson’s postmodernist writings and […]

  2. Luddites and the Challenge of Early Adopters

    Headline – Half of Americans barely use new technology! According to a May 11, 2007, article in The Economist, Luddites in Cyberspace: They are the first on the block with the latest gizmo. They think nothing of paying $750 for a Nokia N95—that ultimate of go-anywhere, cell-cum-everything accoutrements. They upload digital content to social networks […]

  3. Evolution of E-Paper

    I know that many of you have already seen Karl Fisch’s "Did You Know – Shift Happens" presentation.  One of the items contained in that presentation is the assertion that e-paper will become cheaper than traditional paper. I ran across an article, Paper Chase, in the Economist on June 15 that elaborates upon the technology […]

  4. News from NECC

    For those of you are like me – not lucky enough to be attending NECC in Atlanta – here are some updates from Kristin Hokanson.  She posted the following on her "The Connected Classroom" blog on Saturday. Kristin also referenced the EduBloggerCon wiki.  Check it out if you have not already stumbled across it in […]

  5. IM able to do more now!

    I can remember many moons ago, way back when I was getting my BA…All the fun of communicating with my friends through instant messaging (IM).  Back then, almost everyone used AOL IM, whether you had AOL or not.  It was free and you could communicate with anyone else who was online, quickly and easily.  I’m […]

  6. DC Institute final report

    Or not so final – the last few days of the DC Institute were packed with activity. This blog cannot hold it all, so keep checking back as we share more of the great ideas that came from this institute. First, let’s answer the quiz question asked in the last update. Who is Walter? Of […]

  7. Introduction

    Hello Assessment fans, my name is Laurie and I have been invited to be a guest author on this assessment blog. I just finished my 11th year in education, all of it in the elementary realm. I have taught first grade, elementary gifted K-5, and I am currently an elementary reading coach and part-time data […]

  8. Gamer Generation Redux

         Many of us are packing and heading to NECC this week so I thought I’d sneak in one more reminder about the two, 1 hour "Gamer Generation" episodes re-airing on the Discovery Times Channel before the blog posts come pouring in from Atlanta.     Computer gaming in its several forms is obviously an […]

  9. NECC Bound!

    Today’s the day. In about 2 hours the trusty family car will be loaded and on the road north to Atlanta. After a quick stop in Wildwood, FL and Camp Wildwood Girl Scouts Camp to pick up my daughter I’ll be on I-75 and ready to settle in for the constant droning of pavement under […]

  10. DEN Goes to NECC '07

    To find out what the images below have to do with the DEN and NECC, you’ll have to either 1) Come to my media/GoogleEarth session 2) visit the Discovery Booth 3) wait until next week when the pdf of the session hits this blog.  In the meantime, the DEN will have a great time in […]

  11. DEN Goes to NECC ‘07

    To find out what the images below have to do with the DEN and NECC, you’ll have to either 1) Come to my media/GoogleEarth session 2) visit the Discovery Booth 3) wait until next week when the pdf of the session hits this blog.  In the meantime, the DEN will have a great time in […]

  12. DENing in DC

    What do sharks, avatars, and a guy named Walter all have in common? They have all presented at the DEN National Institute in Washington DC. This week, five CA DEN members have been working at the Discovery Communications headquarters in Silver Spring, MD with Star DEN teachers from all around the country. We have gotten […]

  13. DEN National Institute-DC

    The DEN National Institute in Silver Spring, Maryland, National Headquarters of the Discovery Channel is now in Day 4! This has been the best professional development I have ever experienced! Here is a rundown of the non-stop action. Day 1 – After some cool new tips, our group produced an enhanced Podcast (VodCast) of showcasing […]

  14. DEN Skype Chat tonight!

    Yikes!  In all the excitement of the National Institute in Silver Spring, and NECC approaching quickly, I almost completely forgot about the first DEN SkypeCast tonight!  At 8:00PM CST, I will be opening up a SkypeCast for DEN members to chat.  Since this is the first one, a primary topic will be what sorts of […]

  15. VFW Teacher of the Year Award Nominations

    Thanks to Teryl Magee, we have uncovered this terrific opportunity to honor some really great teachers.  Read on! The VFW’s National Citizenship Education Teachers’ Award recognizes the nation’s top elementary, junior high and high school teachers who teach citizenship education topics regularly and promote America’s history and traditions. Nearly 1,000 teachers are from every state, […]

  16. DEN Leadership Institute Day 3, Part Deux!

    This is not my day for Internet connections.  It took me 3 tries to get my last post blogged because I kept getting my wifi connection dropped.  Now I’m back at the hotel and it just happened again (always just as I am pressing "save" on this blog!).  So…let’s see if we can get this […]

  17. DEN Leadership Institute Day 3, Part One

    Okay, it is right after lunch and we are in a great discussion about ways to make unitedstreaming better.  Lots of good ideas coming through.  If you have an idea, post your comment here.  The "powers that be" do check these blogs and may find your idea to be absolutely great! In the meantime, here […]

  18. Hesitant Teachers

    Greetings Assessment Bloggers: Yesterday I met with a school new to ThinkLink this fall.  We were talking about the power of the program, and then the discussion turned to teacher buy-in.  They have several teachers who are, quite frankly, tired of having another new thing added that they have to learn and implement.  Other than […]

  19. Great Tech Training!

    Okay gang………I am in the midst of my first DEN Summer Institute and WOW!We are in Sliver Spring this week and are in day 3. I have seen and learned so many amazing things thus far. If any of you are singed up to attend the other two institutes in FL and CA you are […]