Archives for July 3, 2007

  1. Model Schools Conference

    So, I had hoped to engage in some live, or, at least some just-in-time, blogging from the 15th Annual Model Schools Conference in Washington, D.C.  Unfortunately, there was absolutely no wireless service at the Hilton Washington, one of the three presentation venues and the one where I seemed to have been consistently stationed.  Consequently, I […]

  2. News from NECC

    Yeah, yeah, I know – blogging should be done in the moment…but there were so many moments at the NECC conference in Atlanta, it was too overwhelming to do in between the volunteering for ISTE/DEN, the sessions, exhibits, ISTE playground displays, and oh yeah, the parties…whew! And did I mention my first “national” presentation at […]

  3. What Have You Fallen in Love with Lately?

    Since NECC a lot of ideas having been stirring around and our product development team would love to know what you think.  What did you see at NECC (or other conferences) that wowed you?  What ideas do you have for creating the next really powerful tool to help teachers?  Let us know.  Three questions, open-ended, […]

  4. And the Winner Is…

                       Congratulations to our very own Star DEN member & NJ LC Events Coordinator, Tonya Wilson!! Tonya’s name was just picked "out of the hat" to receive the complete Planet Earth series on DVD.  Everyone who completed the exit survey on-line after our last NJ Day of Discovery was […]