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Share Your Summer!

Share Your Summer!

What have you done this summer for professional development?  Did you travel to NECC? Attend a DEN Leadership Conference?  Take an exciting class? Here’s your chance to share your experiences with other WI DEN members.  Simply submit a comment to this post complete with an e-mail address, and I will contact you for what is

Visualizing Human Development

I came across a fabulous tool on the Contagious Curiosity blog.  The tool is an interactive comparative visualization tool called Gapminder.  This application has been showcased at TED.   FYI, TED is Technology, Entertainment, Design – an annual conference that started in 1984 in an effort to coalesce the preeminent thinkers in those three areas. I

Sadly, summer half over!

Wow, can you believe it? Summer is almost half over for some of us. As Lynn said earlier…..many high stakes test scores are being released this summer which tens to turn our attention once again to student achievement. Contacts I have tell me that those using formative assessment did indeed make gains toward student, school