Archives for July 13, 2007

  1. 2 days to Florida Institute

    I’ve been packing now for the last 2 days to get ready for Sunday’s beginning to the DEN’s 2nd of 3 Summer Institutes. I guess this summer I’ve been very blessed as this is my third event I’ve been able to take part in with the DEN since the end of school. Personally, I think […]

  2. Anchors Away!!!

    The time has finally arrived for the DEN National Institute to the Bahamas.  Leadership Council members, Kathryn Staton, Katie Knapp and I will be shoving off on Sunday, July 15th.  Ports of call include Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas. We will have limited internet access, but Kathryn, Katie and I will periodically be updating you on […]

  3. Using ThinkLink

    Hello again, I’ve been reflecting on some of the posts I’ve read since I first began participating with you here.  It seems we’re all in agreement that technology has really changed the face of teaching and how we assess our students’ progress.  There’s one glitch, however; where do we find the time to use our […]