Daily Archives: July 16, 2007

Stories on the High Seas

     Managed to get the “Makin’ Movies” presentation in just before we had our on board, pre-cast-off, emergency drill. We reconvened afterwards with just enough time for Hall to do a little “camera calisthenics” (all the hidden features in your camera menu) and for me to briefly give the instructions for our modified version

Not so educational, but you'll save money!

Everyone loves a good deal! Here’s another way to save money using that grand ‘ol internet thingy.   I’m fortunate enough to have found myself traveling quite a bit this summer.  I’d say that from June to September I will have been on over 10 airplanes.  I hope others are getting out there and exploring as

Floating DEN Institute

It was just a day ago that we headed out of Port Canaveral for Freeport, the Bahamas. We were in sessions yesterday until after 10pm and had a feverish time putting together a Door Scene under the able instruction of Joe Brennan. We had some skilled, comical, creative short scenes that showcased the power of

DEN Chat

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