Daily Archives: July 27, 2007

Assessment and Student Motivation

Hello everyone! I’ve had a great time this summer reading up on authentic assessment tools used in today’s classrooms:  observation, discussion, portfolios, checklists, interviews, learning logs, rubrics, and self-assessments.  Although I often find it difficult to carve out the time for interviews or conferencing with individual students, it seems these special times provide rich rewards

World Language Study

      It’s taken me 34 years to finally set foot in the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center. Several of my college language professors had worked for the OSS (predecessor to the CIA), Radio Free Europe, Voice of America, and Radio Marti, and thought my love of languages made me a natural for their

Back to School Discovery Days in NJ

The DEN will be in New Jersey on August 21 and 22 for two jam-packed Days of Discovery.  Come learn about new ways to use media in the classroom and network with some amazing STAR Discovery Educators.  And, join us for a special evening event on August 21. You don’t have to be from NJ