Archives for July 30, 2007

  1. Great Sites from the UK

    I stumbled upon a great site today at  At first, I thought, "This is the UK.  They’re going to say maths instead of math, color will be spelled colour, and the talking will all sound like Tony Blair or Gordon Brown."  I almost kept stumbling.  Then I thought, "You know, one of my favourite […]

  2. Are We Killing Creativity?

    Wow . . . Thanks to Ken Pruitt for sharing this video on his DuBois and Beyond Ning network.  I also published this over on my cliotech blog. The video is from a presentation delivered by Sir Ken Robinson at the 2006 TED Conference (TED = Technology, Entertainment, Design). I have been engaged in conversation […]

  3. ThinkLink Free to STAR DEN Members

    I sat through a wonderful webinar today with Donna Neblett from Discovery (who else, right?).  Donna took us on a quick down-and-dirty tour of ThinkLink reporting and assessments.  I had already seen a little of this at NECC, but once again I was totally blown away by the possibilities this software has to offer. We […]

  4. How To: Create a Landmark

    Want an easy way to return to DEN in SL Headquarters?  Anything beats flying around the EduIsland II sim looking for DEN in SL (now was it near the castle?  maybe next to the self-guided tour car?).  Remember, DEN in SL is on EduIsland II at 69, 99, 21.  Get yourself there and you’ll never […]

  5. How To: Join DEN in SL

    So you’ve heard about Second Life.  You’ve read the posts on this blog (and perhaps other blogs related to Second Life).  You’ve signed up for an account.  You may even have gotten your avatar off of Orientation Island (congrats BTW!!!).  Now what?  You DEFINITELY want to join the DEN group in SL.  That way you’ll […]

  6. SlideCasting

    I have spent pretty much all summer reading, exploring, blogging, and discussing new Web 2.0 applications as they pop up online.   I have spent hours teaching Web 2.0 "academies" to interested teachers.  I just learned about a brand new feature for one of my favorite Web 2.0 applications, SlideShare, from Chris Craft’s Crucial Craft blog. […]

  7. Back to School with DEN

    I hope that Lance won’t mind, but I took this posting directly from the DEN National Blog.  While I realize that this is a NJ DEN event, other nearby states are invited as well.  August 15th is the RSVP deadline.  Download the PDF for more details. The DEN will be in New Jersey on August […]