So… Who do you want us to partner with next?

Last year, we partnered up with InFocus and eInstruction to offer up to STARs some incredible deals.  Literally, hundreds of you took advantage of the rock bottom prices we were able to offer you on InFocus projectors and eInstruction CPS systems.  In fact, the promotions went over so well that we want to do it again next year! 

Of course, we’re always looking to make sure that we address the needs of our STAR Discovery Educators, so we’d like to open the floor up to you.  Who would you like to see offers from next year?  What’s the buzz around your school, the hot ticket items that you’d really like to get into your classroom if you could only find the right deal? 

Hardware?  Software?  Electronic whiteboards?  Cameras or  camcorders?  iPhones?  (sheeya, don’t hold your breath)

You let us know what you’d be interested in and we’ll try to make it happen!


  1. Lori

    Yes – if I can get a grant or money from my district and the deal was good, I would want whiteboards and projectors for my teachers, more cameras, ipods with microphones, and of course new computers.

  2. Marie Coleman

    Regarding hardware, would definitely consider iPods, camcorders, and pda with wifi and bluetooth connectivity. As for software, since we are looking at more online learning, maybe Elluminate or other web-conferencing software?

  3. Martha

    interactive whiteboards would be top on my list.

  4. Tanya

    Whiteboards would be great. We just got 2 this year, and need more.

    How about GPS?

  5. Tracy

    In our district we use a great interactive web page builder called SoftChalk Lesson Builder.
    All you need to know is how to word process, create a link and read directions. No fancy Front Page or Dreamweaver experience is necessary.
    I find this software teams up great with unitedstreaming videos and resources.
    Check it out…

  6. John Blake

    Interactive Whiteboard to go with the great digital projectors we earned last year. The incentives are really nice, make it easy to sale to my principal ;-)

  7. Kimberly Mattingly

    Interactive whiteboards a must! I would also love digital cameras.

  8. Teryl Magee - TN DEN LC, Chair

    There is so much. Our school is doing great with interactive whtieboards, but we can always use more! We are not at 100% yet. As far as other hardware we are in desperate need of digital camcorders and digital cameras. We have cameras, but they are either way out of date or do not have large memory cards and only hold around 25-50 pictures. As far as software is concerned I would love to see some great deals on Adobe products. Please just make sure that what is offered is also good for those of us who run MACS : ) Thanks for asking for our input!

  9. Laurie

    Document cameras rock!

  10. Louise Mcginnis

    Handheld interactive white boards, digital cameras affordable for 2nd graders to use, ipods with microphones.


  11. Nancy

    How about deals on the Flip Video? iPods are always great, but not sure what kind of deal could be had. Wireless microphones (like the ones Joe had at the Florida institute).

  12. Linda Rush

    Document Camera and Apple Laptop are sure on the top of my list. Of course, more interactive whiteboards. I am an Exemplary SMART Educator and I would be willing to hold Day of Discovery sessions on how to use the board.

  13. Suzanne Byers

    Interactive whiteboards and document cameras would be a must for my school.

  14. Patricia A. Hawkenson

    I would like a SMART board and a video ipod!

  15. Heather Sullivan- NJ DEN LC

    Thanks for the chance to ask!

    Digital Cameras/Video
    Adobe Premier Elements Software
    Headphone/Mic Sets
    Doc Camera

  16. Sylvia Vigo-Smith

    Continue with lcd’s and digital projectors, I missed my chance last year. I would love to see discounts on digital cameras, video camcorders, usb or wireless microphones and web cameras. Thanks for asking!

  17. Pat Ruffing

    We would be interested in any of the following:

    electronic whiteboards
    document cameras
    good quality microphone for group podcasting

    Thanks for the chance to give suggestions!

  18. Cheryl Woolwine - North Florida

    My vote is for Inter- active white boards preferrably the SMARTBOARD! Thanks for asking!

  19. Lee Kolbert

    Document cameras are very popular in my district. At first a lot of teachers had no idea what to do with them. Now, most agree they can’t live without them! Adding document cameras to your list would be a great compliment to the projectors.

  20. Debbie Thomson

    digital camcorders
    white boards
    tablet laptops
    Adobe software
    document cameras

    Thanks for the opportunity to give input.

  21. Tracie Belt

    I would love to see document cameras or smart boards. I would love to have both in my classroom but the price is not in our budget. Your promotion last year encouraged my school to purchase the einstruction cps system and we love it. They were appreciative of the opportunity. I will be watching the DEN site for new info. Thanks for alowing us to have this opportunity.

  22. MaryAnn Sansonetti

    SMART! SMART! Partner with SMART Technologies!
    What a great way to tie all of the great parts of unitedstreaming, science connection, health connection, etc. with the use of a SMART board!

  23. Jennie

    I would love to see more useage with withboards, iPods, Movie making software and how to train new teachers with the upcoming technology programs.

    SMART mostly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Emma

    Smart board and iPods

  25. Stevie Kline

    Projectors,SMART Boards, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements and Logitech USB Desktop Microphones.
    Thanks for always asking us what we think!

  26. Lynn

    I would love to pick up a digital camera at a cheap price. Throw in an ipod, headsets, and/or microphones to create a real party!!

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