Daily Archives: August 6, 2007

Back to School!

Yes, it is that time of year again … time to clean out and reorganize your room … time to find out for sure what you’re teaching … time to plan and get started on the new school year.  Sound fun?  Well, I have an even better result of the new year starting — WEBINARS!

Keynote Sharing from the Group!

A good keynote should inform, stimulate, and inspire. With luck, it can have immediate impact on every participant.  At the Caribbean learning experience, we reinvigorated the keynote by having a group share.  It took the form of American Idol, with a trio of judges–Grumpy, Pushover, and Effervescent– in tuxedo shirts.  There were great ideas and

Renew Your Do Not Call Registration

Did you know that the "Do Not Call" list is expiring? That’s right, Pennsylvania residents who signed up for the state’s “Do Not Call Registry” in September 2002 must re-register by Sept. 15. Here is how you can make sure that your phone lines are protected from "phone spammers." Visit the attorney general’s Web site