Archives for August 13, 2007

  1. DESC Science Institute Kicks Off in Valley Forge

    Tonight the Discovery Education Science Connection Summer Institute commenced with educators from nine different states making the trek to Valley Forge, PA.  We spent the evening getting to know each other better and gearing up for DESC workshops in the morning.  Here’s what a few attendees have to say so far: Three undisclosed participants (mostly […]

  2. What Wets Your Web Whistle?

    Calling all DEN members- While the DEN is hard at work blaizing trails in Web 3, many educators still don’t harness the power of Web 2 in their classrooms (& as we all know, some would even say, "I didn’t know there was a Web 1.0)  Next week we are having a Days of Discovery […]

  3. Institute Thanks

    Yesterday, as I finished off the last of the candy from my Florida “excursion” goody bag and tried to organize all the stuff I’ve collected during the summer and as I prepare to present at my first professional development days of the new school year later this week, I found myself feeling very grateful. Though […]

  4. Have It Your Way!

    Have It Your Way! As we get deeper into the digital world, we find ourselves using all kinds of digital media.  For better or worse, the media formats we use are getting more and more broad with every new technology that emerges.  Sometimes,we need to convert an Open Office document to a Word doc or […]

  5. iPod Webinar – Mini-Post

    For those who tuned in to last week’s webinar (live from the University of California at Berkeley) during the DEN National Teacher Institute, here is the updated PowerPoint presentation and the pdf of the same. They have been enhanced so that they will work somewhat as a standalone.  I’d love your feedback.  Has anyone tried […]