Archives for August 16, 2007

  1. The Show Must Go On…

    Not wanting to slow the momentum of last night’s FABULOUS DEN in SL Premiere Gala Event, I am creating this post for you to share your comments.  I’ll do a ‘formal’ post tomorrow…let’s just say there was a luncheon today, there was a bad clam, and I ate it!  NOT lol 

  2. LA DEN Member Makes Evening News!

    Word spread fast when LA DEN member Susan Tompkins returned home from attending the DEN National Institute at Discovery’s headquarters in Silver Spring, MD.  In fact, when they KTBS found out, they made her story news worthy!  Click on this link to see the footage taken of Susan Tompkins story. ( ) Congratulations Susan!

  3. Future Forces

    What will shape the future of education? It could be video games. Bioengineering. Or health care. All of these forces and more are explored on the KnowledgeWorks Foundation and Institute for the Future 2006-2016 Map of Future Forces Affecting Education. Look around the map. Explore it. While it is by no means a prediction, it […]

  4. Have you discovered iGoogle paired with Discovery products?

    iGoogle (located at allows you to customize your Google experience. After initial setup when you visit as usual, you will now have an option to login. This will bring you access to feeds, online gadgets, etc. all in one web location. The following Discovery links are available: Discovery News Discovery News – Planet […]

  5. My Wacky and Wild Whirlwind Tour!

    My Wild and Wacky Whirlwind! Ahhh…. How good it feels to be sitting back in my home office! What a wild and wacky whirlwind of a summer! I have been so naughty with posting… that I thought it was time to take a moment and point out some of the exciting events I have attended […]

  6. Real Fun in Virtual World

    The Premiere Gala Event was held at the DEN building in Second Life.  Put together by the very real hard work of the SL leadership cadre, it is a spectacular place. Fountains, lights of fire, a holo emitter on the roof (set for a New England fall), and a view of the island volcano. Robo-bartenders […]