Winners of the Raffle at the Premiere Gala Event

A fun time was had by all at the Premiere Gala Event.  Those listed below have the added bonus of having won the raffles during the event:

Ahna Rossini won a 1 hour tutorial with Riptide

Peyton Merlin won a 1 hour tutorial with Lor

Pailey McBride won a 1 hour tutorial with Laelia

Smokester Whitfield won a 1 hour tutorial with JessieMarie

Juana Asbrink won a 1 hour tutorial with Celestia

PalomaPaz Carter won a 1 hour tutorial with Beth

Tutorial winners MUST contact their respective tutors to set up dates and times.

The following individuals won ipods:  Poppy Offcourse, Annette Bigdipper, and Vickster Volare, Lanie Homewood, and Cootah Gausman

A gift certificate for L$500 to Casa Del Shai was won by Char Charron

A gift certificate for L$1000 to Digital Dragon was won by Teacha Kidd

And the GRAND PRIZE of a real world SL pendant and necklace and Planet Earth DVD set was won by Lawrey Canning.

Congratulations to all the raffle winners!


  1. LeGrand

    Thanks to Celestia and my one hour tutorial I can now jump over furniture, fly, dance, find the second floor and change my t-shirt faster than a speeding bullet. Thanks Celestia, you are a great teacher!

  2. Lee Kolbert

    Wow! How exciting that I won something! I (Teacha Kidd) would love to use the gift certificate I won to Digital Dragon. After all, shopping is what I do best. How do I get the gift certificate?


  3. Lor

    Teacha Kidd – if you haven’t already gotten your gift certificate, please contact Riptide Furse.

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