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If you are an educator like I am, then you have probably attended numerous conferences, presentations and forums that revolve around technology and its place in education. The majority of these professional development opportunities have provided me with excellent opportunities to learn new ideas, network with other educators, and generally discuss the role of technology

NJ & You- Perfect Together…Again!

(Repost from April, 2007) Welcome Back! (Feel free to start humming the theme to Welcome Back, Kotter now, but don’t be mad at me when you’ve still got it in your head 5 hours from now!) After much anticipation, the NJ DEN is back, & will be better than ever- but only with your help! 

Work 2.0

Will Richardson pointed his readers to the current issue of Business Week.  The cover read, The Future of Work.    Last month, I blogged about a Department of Labor report that addressed this very issue, The 21st Century at Work: Forces Shaping the Future Workforce and Workplace in the United States. Here are a few

Searching for Cool New Apps?

I apologize to the blogger who shared Simple Spark . . . I can’t recall where I read about it, but I wanted to share it here. Simple Spark: The Simple Spark Catalog is the place to find all of the really cool web applications, or "apps" that will become an integral part of your

Monthly Pacing Guides and Think Link Learning

The teachers in my school, as well as, teachers across the local school system, have been using Think Link Learning for several years.  Many teachers agree that the assessments provide reliable and specific data that improve classroom instruction and student learning.  Recently, our system has developed monthly curriculum pacing guides and corresponding assessments.  Needless to

Back to School Tip!

It’s back to school time all around Arizona and back to school means excited kids, enthusiastic teachers, nervous parents and the return to the school filters. For those of you out there that are continually finding videos on blocked sites like YouTube and TeacherTube, there is a fast and easy way to bring the information

Don't Just Sit There!

It seems to me that the fall season always holds many conferences.  We have CUE in the spring and ISTE in the summer, but most of the local CUE affiliate conferences seem to be in the fall. Who better to present at these conferences than DEN members?  There’s no way I can list all the