Daily Archives: August 25, 2007

21st Century Video Contest

     School’s in and so is the first video contest I’ve run across for this academic year. Our good friends over at Technology & Learning, NewBay Media are offering a Lenovo laptop and Adobe Digital School Collection to first place winners in each of the three age groups (elementary, middle school, and high school)

More Digital Storytelling Resources

Thanks to Josh Catone (Read/Write Web) for these resources. I also posted this on my cliotech blog. I have been collating digital storytelling resources on my wiki for a little over a year.  The page is very dynamic – lots of alterations based on shared learning. I just added two new resources that I came

Wikispaces Overview

I published this over at my cliotech blog, but know that many of you current are or plan to start using Wikispaces.  I came across a SplashCast Channel (via Ken Pruitt) created by Jim Gates.  The resources on the channel provide an excellent overview of Wikispaces. To use this player, after you press play, you

Are We Teaching Students 'HOW' to Learn?

A few weeks ago, I posted a TED video featuring Sir Ken Robinson discussing whether schools are killing creativity on my cliotech blog. I cam across a similar video today.  The video features Tony Buzan, author and creator of iMindMap software,  discussing a fundamental problem with public education worldwide – that schools are teaching students

Online Connections and the Future of Work

I have been spending a good deal of time this month developing the curriculum for a Business and Information Technology class I am teaching this coming year.  The class is called Online Connections and the focus of it is loosely centered around the notion that technology has changed the way people learn and work and