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Discovery Connect featuring Meerkat Manor!

Discovery Connect featuring Meerkat Manor!

On Wednesday, October 3rd at 11am EST, we’re going to be hosting an incredibly special webinar. Mick Kaczorowski, Senior Executive Producer for Animal Planet, will be sharing his experiences working on Meerkat Manor, both the hit TV series and the upcoming movie! This webinar, the latest in the Discovery Connect series is for teachers to

Calling On PA For Support

Regular readers of my cliotech blog and of the DEN PA blog may be noticing Anthony Armstrong‘s name popping up pretty frequently. That is because our classes are working towards some collaborative projects this year. It has been a pretty exciting process linking my classes – in Pennsylvania – with his – in South Korea.

SlideShare Rocks!

In the spirit of the NJ Educational System, I’ve given myself a PIP (Personal Improvement Plan) for this school year-Share some sort of “best practices” with you all each week. So, here goes it!! This year I’ve started uploading all of my “class notes” presentations to slideshare & then embedding the link in my class

PolitiFact – Truth-o-Meter

I cross-posted this on my cliotech blog. As the presidential campaign season heats up, everyone will be increasingly bombarded by propaganda. We can’t escape it (even if we don’t watch television). Well, a friend who works for Congressional Quarterly told me about a joint venture between CQ and the St. Petersburg Times called PolitiFact. The

How Do You Blog?

By this point I’m sure you’ve noticed all the changes that the DEN has made to their online community.  One of those changes is DEN’s new blog engine.  Now the state blogs and your personal DEN blogs have the power of WordPress behind them. Please keep your eye open for webinars provided by our resident

2nd Meerkat Monday

What do you get when you mix meerkats, DEN in SL, trivia, and about a dozen participants?  One helluva good time! Tonight’s Meerkat Monday DEN in SL featured a trivia contest with Meerkat and DEN related questions.  I didn’t get the final count, but from where I was standing Vita Demina was in the lead

Now in Webinar form: Cruising with the STARs!

Tomorrow night, Jannita will be hosting a tour of some of the best tips and tricks that STAR Discovery Educators have to offer.  We did this at the National Instutes and it was an incredible success.  Now, prepare to play the home version! Whether you were there in person or you couldn’t attend at the

WI DEN Fall Update

Hello Wisconsin STAR DEN members! We hope that you have had a fantastic start to the new school year. If you have been visiting the DEN site regularly, you know there are a lot of changes happening this Fall. Here is a rundown of what’s happening around the DEN: We are having a big DEN