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EVENT – Meerkat Mondays

EVENT – Meerkat Mondays

OK….you ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY MUST save these dates and times. Ready? Monday (of course, that’s why we called it Meerkat ‘Mondays’!), September 17th Monday, September 24th Monday, October 1st ALWAYS at 5 p.m. SLT (that would be 8 p.m. EST) OK, now you’ve save the date, marked it on your calendar, saved it to your PDA,

Can You 'Build it Bigger'? We did…in SL

In order to promote the upcoming ‘Building It Bigger’ webinar on September 13th, our DEN in SL LC Chair, Riptide Furse create this towering structure outside the DEN in SL Headquarters. Now that you’re sufficiently impressed (I know I was!), here’s a little more information about the upcoming webinar…. Build It Bigger with Danny Forster! 

My Story, My Way at 8,369 ft.

     One of the (many) basic, fundamental, and very important things I’ve picked up from the Center for Digital Storytelling’s philosophy is finding/extracting the story in a flurry of thoughts and facts. I got a graphic reminder of that this weekend when my wife and I traveled out to Grand Lake, Colorado to see our