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O.K.  So I’ve been thinking about this for a while and finally decided to put my thoughts to blog. 

You know how the web is considered by most to be the ‘read/write’ web?  I don’t think that is applicable any more and would like to offer a new paradigm.  I think we need to view the web as ‘cubed’.  Instead of ‘read’, we should look at ‘consume’, because, let’s face it we don’t only ‘read’ on the web anymore since ‘read’ implies text.  As for ‘write’, we should look at ‘contribute’, since again, ‘write’ implies text and we now have the ability to ‘write’ images, videos, audio, etc.  And we have a new component — ‘collaborate’, since so many of the new applications are social in nature and provide the ability to work with others.

So here’s my new slogan:  ‘Web ‘Cubed’ — consume, contribute, collaborate’.  [And if anyone can figure out how to get the exponent ‘3’ onto a blog, PLEASE let me know!] [Actually I would like to see it ‘Web’, then the letter ‘C’, then the exponent ‘3’.  Help!]

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. Pat Ruffing


    I don’t know how helpful this will be as it seems to be from 2004, but this site: Dark Wraith Forums seems to address the issue with the tag. According to this site the administrator of the blog has more options with HTML tags than a person making comments. Also, it may be a deprecated tag, but perhaps you can give it a try.

    By the way, I did read up on Meerkats before the trivia contest (and I do protest that the spelling of Kalahari was not accepted as correct…lol!!!)but there were quite a few questions about other things as well. Thanks go to my elderly highschool typing teacher (standard, not even electric typewriters!!!!) Now if only I could find the last 3 doggone meerkats. Please, I need some hints!!!!

  2. Pat Ruffing

    Oops! Sent that comment without adding that Web Cubed is a great name. We consume audio, in podcasts,for example. Maybe the concept of “reading” in general needs to be revised. I like the idea of WebC3.

  3. Beth Knittle (SL-Beth Kohnke)

    I think it is great idea Nancy. It is much more then two way, much more then text. It is about networks, collaboration, creation. WebC’cubed’ is a great descriptive.

  4. Lori Abrahams

    Great idea – and way to go Fred to get the exponent in.

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