Archives for October 4, 2007

  1. Fantasy Congress

    It’s Fall, Baseball is almost over (Thank Goodness!!), so, “Are you ready for some Politics?” (Bet you thought I was going to say Football, didn’t ya?) Steve Dembo recently invited me to join his Fantasy Congress League via Twitter Now while my husband is feaverishly checking his Fantasy Football stats & hoping his starting QB […]

  2. Thanks to All Who Made Meerkat Mondays Possible

    I’d like to use this post to thank those who were generous with their time and designs:  Deborah Defarge and Don Bricklin of Paradise Pets & Aquatics – designed the pet meerkats, both shoulder and large. Also created the Meerkat Puzzle and Meerkat Trivia Machine. Gellan Glenelg – created the ‘Find The Meerkats’ exclusively for […]

  3. Kerpoof! Eat your heart out Kid Pix

    As a former kindergarten teacher, it sometimes seemed like my life revolved around KidPix. And while it had a bazillion features packed into it, when you got right down to it we spent 90% of our time creating pictures and slide shows. While there had been a few open source programs similar to Kid Pix […]

  4. Meerkat Stories

    What a great opportunity it is to get to listen to and interact with the people who make the shows we watch on the Discovery networks. And Wednesday was no exception as Mick Kaczorowski, Senior Executive Producer for Animal Planet, shared his insights working on “Meerkat Manor” and the upcoming feature length film based on […]

  5. Join us at T+L

    NSBA’s T+L Conference is almost here and we’re searching for DEN members who are making the trip to Opryland, TN. If you are coming to Nashville October 17-19 let us know. We are having a DEN dinner on October 17 at 7 p.m and would love for you to join us. The dinner will be […]

  6. Engaging Parents in the Learning Experience

    A colleague forwarded this article to me and I was really intrigued. This high school English teacher in New Jersey is assigning the parents of his students real homework – to comment on their child’s blog posts. Spreading Homework Out So Even Parents Have Some – NY Times, Oct. 4, 2007 Fascinating . . . […]