Daily Archives: October 11, 2007

Exclusive DEN Deals for Discovery Educators

Last school year, we partnered with several great companies to provide some amazing deals to Discovery Educators. This summer we asked the DEN community for a wish list of products and services they’d like to see offered through the DEN. Well, we listened and here’s the good news! Share Discovery Education streaming Video with Your

A Terabyte in Your Future?

Have you been seeing advertising for terabytes lately, and wondering if that’s a dinosaur, or if you’ll BE a dinosaur without one? Do you remember when you bought your last computer or hard drive? A few gigabytes seemed likeway more storage space then you would ever need. But along came a new operating system, a

DEN at the Olympics?

I received this information from Jannita.  Let’s all submit our vote!  A very exciting opportunity has come up for one of our DEN members.  She is in a contest to be a torch bearer at the Olympics based on activities she is doing in her classroom!  How wonderful if she won and were able to

Meet Kaigo, the Columbus Zoo Cheetah

Animal Planet is teaming up with the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) to host the Cheetah Conservation Fundraising Benefit. With only about 10,000 cheetahs on earth, their survival in the wild is questionable. CCF is an internally recognized center of excellence in research and education on cheetahs and their ecosystem. This event will take place on

.edu opportunities

Check out this fantastic collaboration (from LifeHacker) of learning opportunities from .edu websites; they are categorized in Art, Science, Space, Humanities, Photography, History, & Misc.Here is a sample of the entry for .edu opportunities in Science: Explore gross anatomy at the University of Michigan Medical School. Download a virtual microscope at the University of Illinois

Fall Discovery Streaming Event CANCELLED

The Fall Discovery Streaming Event scheduled for Saturday, October 20, 2007 in Verona has been CANCELLED due to low enrollment.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Look for more opportunities in the future from your DEN Leadership Council.  If you have any suggestions/locations for upcoming events, please contact us.

A Handy-Dandy Scheduling Tool

Check out this quick and easy scheduling tool for scheduling Meetings or for taking a poll of members for a vote – Doodle. Doodle is tool that the DEN in SL Leadership Council has used to schedule their meetings. Basically, the “Chair” enters in possible times for a meeting and then team members all enter