Daily Archives: October 13, 2007

Best Practices

Best Practices

I keep thinking of some of the general guidelines I try to follow on a daily basis in my classroom; particularly things of educational technology relevance. What pitfalls do teachers want to stay away from when using tech? What things do we want to make sure we do consistently when using tech? How can we

To Twit or Not to Twit

So I digress from the usual DEN in SL related posts here, but heh, I can do that!  Here’s the deal, I keep reading about the wonders of Twitter, how you can pose a question and w/in minutes you’ll get responses, etc.  Steve Dembo made such a compelling (and impressive display) argument for the use

Student Government Workshop

Last weekend I took part in the eastern regional workshop for the TN Association of Student Councils (TASC).  I was asked to do a presentation on digital scrapbooking, but when I explained I had never done that they let me do a Photo Story workshop for personal memory making.  I had fun doing 4 20-minute