Archives for October 15, 2007

  1. In Your Dreams…

    What did you dream about as a young child? What do you still dream about today? Is it really any different?… One of our colleagues has the unique opportunity to fullfill a dream held by more people than any of us could possibly imagine- To Carry the Olympic Torch! Linda Bilak, STAR Discovery Educator, is […]

  2. Mergers and Acquisitions

    I’m sure those of you who are blog savvy have heard the news of Discovery acquiring . If you’ve never seen the site, it has tons of useful info presented in a manner that kids can enjoy. I’ve had my fourth graders do many different mini-projects and papers using HowStuff Works as a resource. […]

  3. Send a STAR to the Olympics!

    Via the DEN Forums Linda Bilak, STAR Discovery Educator, is in the running to carry the Olympic Torch for the 2008 Olympics! Here’s the details: I entered an essay in the Lenovo “New Thinkers” for the New World competition. My essay explained how I am teaching students Spanish by bringing the world to them on […]

  4. Webinars, Stars and Torches

    WEBINARS Check out the list of upcoming webinars and enroll in one today! [Link] Specifically, check out these fantastic ones: EdTechConnect with Claudia Linden (from Second Life) on Wednesday, October 17 Stream-A-Thon on Tuesday, October 23rd [Link] KEEP YOUR STAR Don’t forget – keep your star status; the cut-off is November 23!!! [Link] STAR DEN […]

  5. DEN Webinars Rock!

    I received the following awesome feedback from Central Bucks elementary teacher and STAR Discovery Educator, Meg Griffin, about the DEN Meerkat Manor webinar. On Wednesday, October 3 my fourth grade students were captivated during a Discovery Education webinar with Mick Kaczorowski, Executive Producer for the much-loved Animal Planet series Meerkat Manor. Disbelievingly, my students asked […]

  6. Two New Spins in Google Earth

    For media folks like me, the cool, interactive graphical program that is Google Earth has always had a Holy Grail–inserting moving media so it plays right over the terrain, as still images will do. We’ve gotten a lot closer with two new features, one with mixed blessings. First, Google Earth now has a YouTube layer. […]