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Quickie Digital Storytelling Tools

Quickie Digital Storytelling Tools

I’ve recently begun experimenting with two easy-to-use web-based tools that can be used for digital storytelling. Both of these will help your students produce quality videos with little effort. This would be great for those times you can’t really fit a lengthy project into your curriculum. The first is Animoto. Animoto allows you to upload

Pasadena ISD uses Lights, Camera, Education!

Last spring, Ann Jablonski, one of our own STAR DEs attended the American Film Institute’s Lights, Camera, Education! seminars. She and another attendee, JohnT Powell, were so excited about what they learned that they shared it in summer staff development. As a result, some of the educators in their district have run with it! Read

An Olympic Story

In the past I have mentioned the “real world” need and 21st century skill of being able to communicate visually. Well, fellow STAR Discovery educator (and Spanish teacher – ¡qué bueno!) Linda Bilak got just about 48 hours to put together a 30 second video that would go to the voters in her quest to

Hollywood Media – The Future Networking Now

It’s Hollywood, so there are premieres. A few nights ago I went to a premiere at Mann’s Chinese Theater–always a great place to catch a film. (live webcam). Not because I own a tux —outside of Second Life– as you might think. I went with one of the writers, a longtime friend and fellow member