Archives for October 17, 2007

  1. CLHS Conference

    It’s almost November and the whales are calling. The California League of High/Middle Schools Tech Conference is taking place in Monterey November 29-December 2. This is a great conference and holds a special memory for me as it’s the place where I met Hall D. and joined DEN. This year they’re adding a new strand […]

  2. Costume/Halloween Party Contest Categories

    Now try saying that three times fast!!! If you’re shopping around for the perfect costume for the October 28th event (I’ve already got mine!) you should know that we will be having contests in the following four categories: 1.  Sci Fi/Fantasy 2.  Occupation 3.  Funniest 4.  Scariest I was hoping they would do a shoe […]

  3. Webinar with Claudia Linden

    Just left Second Life where a number of avatars had the opportunity to chat with Claudia Linden (and drink some bubbly!) after her hour-long webinar hosted by none other than Steve Dembo.  Over 60 people attended the webinar (and please add your comments below).  I would have to say that about 90% of those attending […]

  4. DON'T FORGET!!! Workshop on October 20th!

    That’s right folks!  Here’s your reminder about the workshop at DEN in SL HQs on October 20th: “Please join us Saturday October 20th at 4 pm SLT at the DEN for a discussion on Differentiating Instruction and Discovery Education  Streaming.  We will share some ideas on how DS can help meet the needs of our […]

  5. Hello Arkansas DEN!

    It is great to be back in action with the DEN.  The Arkansas Leadership Council is very excited about getting things going again.  We have several plans in place for the DEN to get together. Get the word out that we are back!