Daily Archives: October 19, 2007

DESC comes to the rescue!

After an amazing start to the school year, things have been only getting better!  The use of DESC has definitely helped my students understand the concepts of mutation, adaptation and variation.  We have not had access to a computer lab (due to benchmark testing) so my students have not created their personal student accounts, however

Road Trip Accomplished!

Get your own Moonk! This past Wednesday evening the DEN staff hosted a dinner at the T&L Conference in Nashville. The dinner was at The Old Hickory in the Opryland Hotel. Around 20 people attended, including DEN members from Tennessee (west, middle, and east), Wisconsin, Maryland, Maine, and more. It was a wonderful evening of

DE Streaming and English Language Learners

I had an interesting question come through the inbox today, regarding how ELL teachers could use Discovery Education Streaming to support their students.  I started to type out a a few ideas that popped into my head, but then it occurred to me that I should really turn the question over to all of you!

Standup and Be Counted

If you are not currently receiving email newsletters from the New York DEN, please let us know.  There are many New York DEN Members out there.  Let’s stand up and be counted.  You can post a comment here or better idea, send an email so we have your contact information. Email: ny.den.leaders@gmail.com