Archives for October 22, 2007

  1. Insomnia Redux

    Over 2,000 student film makers had to use at least three elements out of these eight: Location: Park Bench, Prop: Bird Cage, Character Name: Robin Darjeeling, Background Sound: Radio Static, Costume: Tuxedo, Camera Angle: Dutch Angle, Narrative Device: Dream Sequence, Editing Technique: Match Cut, Dialogue: “Don’t tempt me,” and Makeup: Old Person. Then they had […]

  2. Information R/Evolution

    If you haven’t seen this video yet, I think you’ll enjoy watching it.  While the message itself is pretty solid, the craftsmanship of the digital story is brilliant. As you’re watching it, just imagine in your head the script and storyboards it must have taken to create this. [youtube][/youtube]