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Hey all CA DEN Members. Hope that you are all safe and out of harm’s way. We’re getting good updates on the fires and a few of our DEN family has had to evacuate their homes.  Jannita has a post which several folks are replying to at: http://blog.discoveryeducation.com/blog/2007/10/23/thoughts-with-the-ca-den/ Be sure to keep our fellow DEN

Let's Welcome the Tennessee DEN!

Several members of the Tennessee DEN will be attending the National Middle Schools Association (NMSA) conference in Houston on November 8-10. Tim Childers, one of the TN Leadership Council members, is trying to schedule a social event for all DEN STARS who will be in the area that weekend. All Texas DEN STARS are welcome

Thoughts with the CA DEN

I sit in my office, with all the windows and doors of my house closed tight.  I am 20 miles from the nearest fire, but the smoke and ash are still thick and it makes me think of all of our CA DEN members that currently packing up or have already been evacuated.  I’ve watched

Pass It On…

  Whether you’re a teacher or the friend of one, I hope you’ll appreciate the analogy. Be sure to read to the end…   No Dentist Left Behind My dentist is great! He sends me reminders so I don’t forget checkups.  He uses the latest techniques based on research. He never hurts me, and I’ve