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  1. ISTE Social – November 29, 2007

    ISTE sponsored and hosted informal presentations by 5 different Education groups – Knowville, ELVEN Institute, SLolar Central, Teacher Networking Center, and of course, yours truly — DEN in SL!!! I wanted to get the pics up (thanks Rip!) and am awaiting a write-up from one of my LC colleagues — I was out of commission […]

  2. It's a Wrap — Profiling Workshop

    OK….I’m drawing a total blank here!  I THOUGHT I could upload an image from my hard drive!  Now when I click on the ‘image’ icon in the menu it’s asking me for the url?!?!?  I’ll have to come back to that. What a great workshop!  Cel had some difficulty getting in-world (as we all have […]

  3. Nomenclature

    I just really wanted to say “nomenclature” so I thought I’d write an entire post on it. Actually, I had been a bit confused by the changes in names of some Discovery products over the last few months and wanted to get a few things cleared up. In particular, I was curious about the new […]

  4. Social Networking Session Highlights

    This session from TETC is titled, “Social Networking: It’s More Than MySpace.” Online social networking differs from non-online in that the boundaries of time and space are removed. Common features of social network sites include: A profile feature A list of friends that are identified as part of your online social network Some type of […]

  5. TETC Discovery Streaming Session Is A Huge Hit!

    Teryl and I struggled most of the morning trying to get wifi connections working, videos linked correctly, and inviting friends to join us via Skype or Twitter for our TETC session on ways to use Discovery Streaming in the classroom. We spent our lunch hour doing a mini training with a few friends.  We looked […]

  6. Increase Your Vocabulary + Feed the Hungry =

    Thanks to CA DEN member Kathleen for passing this site along.  Basically, as you go through a multiple choice vocabulary quiz, for every question you get correct they donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.  If you begin to miss questions, it will automatically adjust your vocabulary level. As I played this […]

  7. TETC Off to Slow Start

    Okay, I’ve been at TETC for an entire morning, and there just isn’t much happening.  There were a lot of good-sounding sessions yesterday, and some more this afternoon (Teryl and me not included, of course).  I have never heard of this keynote speaker, so I decided to blow that off and look around the exhibit […]

  8. Caffeine Coffee Conference Cancelled

    Last week we posted that Teryl and I would like to put together a DEN gathering tonight (Thursday, Nov 29th) at Caffeine, a local wifi hotspot.  However, because no one has thus far responded to that post indicating that they would like to join us, we have decided to cancel the event.  We realize we […]

  9. Tech Savvy Supers?

    Hey… Nominate Illinois’ tech savvy superintendents. I am not trying to get brownie points with my superintendent, but I nominated her for the award. The district has made some very impressive technology changes and more are on the horizon. The best aspect of her leadership in my opinion is her own modeling of technology. As […]

  10. Don’t miss these webinars! Daniel Pink and Adora Svitak

    We have two webinars coming up in December that you absolutely do NOT want to miss. On December 5th, Adora Svitak, a 10 year old child prodigy who published her first book at age 7, will be sharing with your students her tips for improving writing skills as well as her experiences filming “My Life […]

  11. Looking for that perfect image!

    This may sound a little strange, but for a publication coming out soon we need a digital photo. Looking for a picture of a teacher with some students gathered around a computer displaying Discovery Education Streaming. If accepted, this will be published in print media, so we DO need permission for any faces in the […]

  12. In the news: STAR Tom Turner and One Place in Colorado

    Found a couple of articles today that I just had to share.  The first one comes from PolkOnline and features the Florida DEN’s very own Tom Turner!  As blog coordinator for the Florida Discovery Educator Network Leadership Council, Tom Turner of Polk County Public Schools organizes and encourages educators statewide to improve student achievement through […]


    Hey everyone… Most of us who read this blog are focused on improving technology use in Illinoois. Here is an amazing opportunity to really make a difference. Let’s stop shouting from the mountaintops… Let’s get some face time with the people who are making some very important decisions about education in Illinois. DATE OF TECH […]

  14. NCLB – Football Version

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like if NCLB was run like other types of school activities?  Well, wonder no more!  Here is a football version of what is going on in education right now. For all educators in and out of the education system:     1. All teams must make the […]

  15. Writing with Video

         How’s this for a university course description? “Directed writing is integrated into all aspects of the production process — brainstorming and conceptualization, drafting and storyboarding, revision, and critique. Writing is positioned as an integral part of the process of thinking, problem solving, and creating… Students who understand visual, time-based communication and have robust […]

  16. Rate of Reaction Videos

    Inspired by Dale Basler’s stop-motion video project in physics, I recently had my freshman biophys students make videos that examine the factors affecting the rate of a chemical reaction. We used a lab from an Addison-Wesley Chemistry lab manual entitled “Factors Affecting Reaction Rates”. This lab was ideal, as the instructions are already neatly divided […]

  17. Eureka! I think I found something that works!

    Teaching abstract concepts in science is often challenging. One concept that my life science students have difficulty with is osmosis. Osmosis is hard to conceptualize, and many students do not seem to understand the concept even after the standard lab experience. Consequently, I began trying to think of how I could approach this concept differently. […]

  18. PETE&C Volunteers Needed

    In the continuing spirit of Thanksgiving, why don’t you consider giving up some time to volunteer to help out at our state technology conference, PETE&C . . . Jim Gates posted the following call for help on his blog today and I thought that I’d pass it along to all of you. Ever since last […]

  19. DEN STAR on Travel Channel Tonight!

    Just received the exciting news that our very own DEN STAR Judith Valle will have a video she made highlighted on the Travel Channel tonight!  Thousands of people have uploaded their 5 minute video trips to their website and she is one of the chosen few that will be aired on the Travel Channel Show called […]

  20. Join Us This Wednesday!

    Join us, this Wednesday, November 28th, when Celestia Cazalet presents ‘Profiling: It Can Be a Good Thing’.  The workshop will take a look at all the information on an avatar’s profile, how to update it, add picks, make notes about other avatars, and explore the reasons why a profile should be completed — at least a little! Time:  […]

  21. Tune in Tonight!

    I apologize for the late notice, but I just received the news that there will be an airing of a very special video tonight on the Travel Channel (a Discovery Communications channel). It was made by our very own Judith Valle, a Texas STAR Educator and an events planner for the Texas DEN LC! Thousands […]

  22. Media Geek

         No, I’m not writing about Hall or me. While perusing a StreamingMedia email I ran across an article by Paul Rismandel, the manager of digital media production for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Coincidentally, today I was going to blog about a writing program down there […]

  23. Calling All DEN Members Going to TETC!!!

    We have finally nailed down our plans for a DEN Social Event at TETC in Nashville! Woohoo! You are invited to meet us on Thursday evening, November 29th, at 7 PM at Caffeine, a local wifi hotspot near the Convention Center.  Bring your laptops! We want to spend some time sharing resources and drinks (not […]

  24. Save the Dates: December 5th, 12th, & 19th

    Continuing with our Wednesday Workshop series, I want to share with you a listing of our upcoming workshops so you can put us on your ‘to do’ list. Title:  Show & Share – Gestures  When:  December 5th; 5:00 p.m. SLT (8:00 EST) Presenter:  Riptide Furse Description:  This will be a Show and Share session focusing […]