Archives for November 1, 2007

  1. The Word is Out

    Because I am the Media Specialist at Fleming Island High School, I get to work with all my science teachers, and what a great department they are! Discovery Science Connection has been used here since last April, and the science teachers are all talking about it. Lori Triebold, Biology Teacher, says, “I have used it […]

  2. Kindo: Family Trees with Style

     I vividly remember creating family trees with my kindergarteners.  It wasn’t so much that it was a tough assignment, but sometimes it was tough for them to visiualize the connections and how to lay things out.  Of course, we never had Kindo! Kindo is a Web 2.0 app for building out a family tree.  You […]

  3. Illinois Database Information

    Jesse White is Illinois’ Secretary of State and State Archivist. Most everyone thinks about his department and his job in regards to the DMV. No, that isn’t the Demilitarized Zone, even though many are reminded of one when they are standing in line for hours to get their license updated. Another of his major responsibilities […]