Daily Archives: November 7, 2007

NMSA Updates Over There…

Since this is the TN blog, I’m not going to bore you all with updates to what is happening while I’m at the National Middle Schools conference in Houston.  Instead, I’ll be updating events over on my personal DEN blog at this link.  I’ll also be trying to update a few things to Twitter (username

Translating at TRETC

To start, let me first translate TRETC…Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference. I just finished an opening presentation that I decided to try for the first time here in Western PA and before I forget I am posting it to the blog. The presentation is called: 404 n Transl8n or Lost in Translation. It’s about bilingual

Movies Made Simple

I’m really embarrassed I almost missed Jennifer Gingerich’s Makin’ Movies Made Simple webinar last night and doubly embarrassed that I hadn’t picked up on it in time to plug it here. So let me try to make amends with this post. Jennifer shared some great project ideas with practical tips for keeping it simple, keeping