Daily Archives: November 13, 2007

Do You Blog?

Do You Blog?

I saw this idea over on the Florida blog (thanks Tom!). Are you a DEN member in TN? Do you blog? Are you a STAR DEN member? Do you blog on the Discovery blog site (yeah, this one)? If so, I’m sure there are plenty of teachers across the state that would love to follow

Files for GaETC

Things we did at GaETC! We worked with the great resources from GPB (home to the equally great Patrice, Mike, and Katherine). We made media on the dark side with Photo Story, Movie Maker, and Adobe Premiere Elements and incorporated GPB’s huge educational digital library. We also pulled clips and projects into iPods. And did

Second Life Contest

     So that old “Get a life!” conversation ender has become the conversation starter “Got Second Life?” And now, “do you have any pictures or movies?” How about a digital storytelling contest in SL? It’s on and it’s soon. The deadline is midnight Saturday but don’t panic. The basis of the contest is that