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'Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer' Event

'Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer' Event

Thanks to Riptide for leading this workshop. First pics from the workshop http://www.flickr.com/photos/krossbow/tags/slpostcard/ The workshop covered different options in the FILE menu and the choices in the the snapshot preview.  Participants went over managing the viewer  using different combinations of the CTRL+ALT+SHIFT keys.  Everyone learned how to send postcard snapshots using the snapshot preview and

It's Time to Be Thankful

We all love Thanksgiving. Whether it is because we are getting some much needed time away from the classroom, we get to see family, we get to eat good food, or a little of all of the above, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year. For me, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of

Coffee Clash at TETC

That’s right, the Tennessee DEN Leadership Council is organizing a social gathering for DEN members attending TETC in Nashville. We are still organizing the date, time, and place, so check back over the weekend. Here are the details we do have: We are meeting at a wifi-enabled coffee shop, so bring your laptops! We would

See What I Mean?

I’ve been playing with a site I just learned about called Visuwords. This site is an online dictionary/thesaurus with a twist. Just type in a word and it will appear in the middle of the screen. Keep watching as words that are related in some way (opposite, synonym, attribute, etc.) pop up with connecting lines.