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21st Century Learning

21st Century Learning

“How can the United States continue to compete in a global economy if the entering workforce is made up of high school graduates who lack the skills they need, and of college graduate who are mostly ‘adequate’ rather than ‘excellent’?’ — Are They Really Ready to Work? Scott McLeod blogged about some pretty startling statistics

Discovery School to the Rescue

Are you looking for some timely, holiday-themed resources and activities to engage your students while reinforcing global learning? If you are, Discovery School may have just what you are seeking. I know that as the calendar approaches major holidays (read – time off from school) it can be a challenge to maintain student engagement and

SlideShare Privacy Settings

I cross-published this over on my Cliotech blog.  I thought that many of you are SlideShare users and would appreciate the following information.  In case you didn’t notice the last time you signed into your SlideShare account, the service now offers various privacy settings for your presentations. Check out the details on the new privacy settings on

Free Holiday Resources from Kathy Schrock!

Searching for and sifting through thousands of available resources online can be daunting and time consuming. Discovery Education’s free School Resources website helps educators spend less time hunting for activities, leaving more time for teaching and assessment. And this season, teachers can find a myriad of free holiday-focused resources in Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators,

Gettysburg Address as Powerpoint

To illuminate how Powerpoint presentations can be abused, Peter Norvig (research director at Google) has recreated Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address as a Powerpoint Presentation. [Link] My favorite part is the introduction (we’ve all been here/seen this): Good morning. Just a second while I get this connection to work. Do I press this button here? Function-F7? No,