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TETC Discovery Streaming Session Is A Huge Hit!

TETC Discovery Streaming Session Is A Huge Hit!

Teryl and I struggled most of the morning trying to get wifi connections working, videos linked correctly, and inviting friends to join us via Skype or Twitter for our TETC session on ways to use Discovery Streaming in the classroom. We spent our lunch hour doing a mini training with a few friends.  We looked

Increase Your Vocabulary + Feed the Hungry = FreeRice.com

Thanks to CA DEN member Kathleen for passing this site along.  Basically, as you go through a multiple choice vocabulary quiz, for every question you get correct they donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.  If you begin to miss questions, it will automatically adjust your vocabulary level. As I played this

TETC Off to Slow Start

Okay, I’ve been at TETC for an entire morning, and there just isn’t much happening.  There were a lot of good-sounding sessions yesterday, and some more this afternoon (Teryl and me not included, of course).  I have never heard of this keynote speaker, so I decided to blow that off and look around the exhibit

Caffeine Coffee Conference Cancelled

Last week we posted that Teryl and I would like to put together a DEN gathering tonight (Thursday, Nov 29th) at Caffeine, a local wifi hotspot.  However, because no one has thus far responded to that post indicating that they would like to join us, we have decided to cancel the event.  We realize we