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ISTE Social – November 29, 2007

ISTE Social – November 29, 2007

ISTE sponsored and hosted informal presentations by 5 different Education groups – Knowville, ELVEN Institute, SLolar Central, Teacher Networking Center, and of course, yours truly — DEN in SL!!! I wanted to get the pics up (thanks Rip!) and am awaiting a write-up from one of my LC colleagues — I was out of commission

It's a Wrap — Profiling Workshop

OK….I’m drawing a total blank here!  I THOUGHT I could upload an image from my hard drive!  Now when I click on the ‘image’ icon in the menu it’s asking me for the url?!?!?  I’ll have to come back to that. What a great workshop!  Cel had some difficulty getting in-world (as we all have


I just really wanted to say “nomenclature” so I thought I’d write an entire post on it. Actually, I had been a bit confused by the changes in names of some Discovery products over the last few months and wanted to get a few things cleared up. In particular, I was curious about the new

Social Networking Session Highlights

This session from TETC is titled, “Social Networking: It’s More Than MySpace.” Online social networking differs from non-online in that the boundaries of time and space are removed. Common features of social network sites include: A profile feature A list of friends that are identified as part of your online social network Some type of