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  1. Going to CLMS/CLHS/CUE in Monterey, CA?

    Greetings CA DEN! We hope all of you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends! Are you attending CLMS/CLHS/CUE? Several of our CA Star Discovery educators are presenting at the conference, so be sure not to miss: Carol Anne McGuire, (closing keynote speaker), Scott Skidmore, Scott Johnson, Martha Snider, as well as […]

  2. A Thanksgiving Reflection

    As has been a ritual in my family for as long as I can remember, I would like to share some of the things for which I am thankful . . . Traditional Response: I am thankful for my wonderful husband – we just celebrated eight fabulous years of marriage on Nov. 20th. I am […]

  3. Thanks for the Thanks

    ‘Tis the season. As the days get shorter and darker and what’s left of the first semester starts its long fade out in a flurry of holidays and testing, we in the northern hemisphere become more reflective and generous. So, in the spirit of the season, I’d like to reflect on a thank you gift […]

  4. Gobble-Gobble

     Just a few of my favorite Thanksgiving “quotes”to help get you in the spirit of the day The pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts … nevertheless, set aside a day of thanksgiving. –H. W. Westermayer Be thankful every day when you get up that you have something to do that day which must […]

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Florida DEN

    Good Morning Florida…I’m writing to you from the lovely Don Cesar Beach Resort over in St. Pete Beach this morning. I thought about writing a post from Nassau, Bahamas over the weekend when I was down there, but the evil eye I got from my wife was pretty tell tale that I was better off […]

  6. Post Webinar Stuff

    This is a quick post with the PowerPoint and other goodies from the webinar of November 20. Thanks to everybody that helped out, especially Joe Brennan, Scott Kinney, and Teryl. Here’s the Word doc with the video copy-and-pastes, the Gcast site, and the “Why is Winter colder than Summer” site. webinar.doc

  7. Don’t Forget to Give Thanks

    As we look forward to spending time with our loved ones and reflecting on all the things we are most thankful, please consider taking a few moments to give thanks to those who can’t be home for the holidays. This week, the Military Channel is supporting the Department of Defense initiative Giving Thanks, part of […]

  8. 21st Century Learning

    “How can the United States continue to compete in a global economy if the entering workforce is made up of high school graduates who lack the skills they need, and of college graduate who are mostly ‘adequate’ rather than ‘excellent’?’ — Are They Really Ready to Work? Scott McLeod blogged about some pretty startling statistics […]

  9. Discovery School to the Rescue

    Are you looking for some timely, holiday-themed resources and activities to engage your students while reinforcing global learning? If you are, Discovery School may have just what you are seeking. I know that as the calendar approaches major holidays (read – time off from school) it can be a challenge to maintain student engagement and […]

  10. SlideShare Privacy Settings

    I cross-published this over on my Cliotech blog.  I thought that many of you are SlideShare users and would appreciate the following information.  In case you didn’t notice the last time you signed into your SlideShare account, the service now offers various privacy settings for your presentations. Check out the details on the new privacy settings on […]

  11. Free Holiday Resources from Kathy Schrock!

    Searching for and sifting through thousands of available resources online can be daunting and time consuming. Discovery Education’s free School Resources website helps educators spend less time hunting for activities, leaving more time for teaching and assessment. And this season, teachers can find a myriad of free holiday-focused resources in Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators, […]

  12. Gettysburg Address as Powerpoint

    To illuminate how Powerpoint presentations can be abused, Peter Norvig (research director at Google) has recreated Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address as a Powerpoint Presentation. [Link] My favorite part is the introduction (we’ve all been here/seen this): Good morning. Just a second while I get this connection to work. Do I press this button here? Function-F7? No, […]

  13. Land of Lincoln

         We spent last Wednesday through Friday at Illinois’ fall edtech conference and celebrated the DEN at a reception with about 50 educators (55 if you count the folks in Second Life), account manager Chris Ryan, and brand new Midwest DEN manager, Michael Bryant. The door prize drawing took on an extra level of […]


    I KNOW he’s gonna kill me when he reads this post, but too bad!!! I’ve posted elsewhere, and I believe I might even have posted here how I believe we are no longer dealing with the ‘read/write’ web, but rather with what I’ve coined ‘Web C3‘ which is Consume, Contribute, and Collaborate.  I know that […]

  15. 'Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer' Event

    Thanks to Riptide for leading this workshop. First pics from the workshop The workshop covered different options in the FILE menu and the choices in the the snapshot preview.  Participants went over managing the viewer  using different combinations of the CTRL+ALT+SHIFT keys.  Everyone learned how to send postcard snapshots using the snapshot preview and […]

  16. It's Time to Be Thankful

    We all love Thanksgiving. Whether it is because we are getting some much needed time away from the classroom, we get to see family, we get to eat good food, or a little of all of the above, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year. For me, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of […]

  17. Coffee Clash at TETC

    That’s right, the Tennessee DEN Leadership Council is organizing a social gathering for DEN members attending TETC in Nashville. We are still organizing the date, time, and place, so check back over the weekend. Here are the details we do have: We are meeting at a wifi-enabled coffee shop, so bring your laptops! We would […]

  18. See What I Mean?

    I’ve been playing with a site I just learned about called Visuwords. This site is an online dictionary/thesaurus with a twist. Just type in a word and it will appear in the middle of the screen. Keep watching as words that are related in some way (opposite, synonym, attribute, etc.) pop up with connecting lines. […]

  19. PETE&C DEN Pre-Conference EXTRAVAGANZA

    DEN at PETE&C: Register Today! It’s that time of the year again!  We are thrilled to continue our partnership with the PA Educational Technology Expo and Conference and have a lot of exciting things planned for STAR Discovery Educators at this year’s conference. We are sponsoring two amazing keynote speakers: David Pogue and our very […]