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  1. Sony Cyberbullying Contest

    Here’s a contest that started in mid-September and I just got wind of. Sony Creative is inviting both independent producers and school groups to create a PSA (public service announcement) about cyberbullying. The grand prize for students is studio equipment worth almost $26,000. You have until January 11, 2008 to get your act together and […]

  2. DEN at PETE&C: Register Today!

    It’s that time of the year again!  We are thrilled to continue our partnership with the PA Educational Technology Expo and Conference and have a lot of exciting things planned for STAR Discovery Educators at this year’s conference. We are sponsoring two amazing keynote speakers for the conference: David Pogue (Monday) and our very own Steve […]

  3. Workshops at Lighthouse Learning Island

    Beth Kohnke (RL- Beth Knittle) and JuliaAnn Mills (RL- Julia Colby), who are members of the DEN is Second Life also are part of Lighthouse Learning Island.  They will be hosting a few learning opportunities on Second Life in the next couple of months. These sessions are open to all educators in Second Life. We […]

  4. Smart Pen Looks Awesome!

    On a recent Twitter, Bernie Dodge pointed his followers to a link for the new Smart Pen from LiveScribe.  This is the new MUST HAVE present for Christmas.  OK, maybe it is the new STAR DEN Give-Away from Discovery! I could write a lot about it, but why? See pictures here.  Watch this amazing video […]

  5. Do You Blog?

    I saw this idea over on the Florida blog (thanks Tom!). Are you a DEN member in TN? Do you blog? Are you a STAR DEN member? Do you blog on the Discovery blog site (yeah, this one)? If so, I’m sure there are plenty of teachers across the state that would love to follow […]

  6. Files for GaETC

    Things we did at GaETC! We worked with the great resources from GPB (home to the equally great Patrice, Mike, and Katherine). We made media on the dark side with Photo Story, Movie Maker, and Adobe Premiere Elements and incorporated GPB’s huge educational digital library. We also pulled clips and projects into iPods. And did […]

  7. Second Life Contest

         So that old “Get a life!” conversation ender has become the conversation starter “Got Second Life?” And now, “do you have any pictures or movies?” How about a digital storytelling contest in SL? It’s on and it’s soon. The deadline is midnight Saturday but don’t panic. The basis of the contest is that […]

  8. DEN Blog Tips: Changing your title and byline

    Did you know that as a reward for being a STAR Discovery Educator, you get your very own blog hosted by Discovery Education? It’s true! I have to tell you, it’s one of the best blogs you’ll find out there on the internet. And I can get away with making a broad sweeping statement like […]

  9. DEN at NJECC

    Does your school/district belong to the NJ Educational Computing Cooperative (NJECC)? If not, you should definately look into it. They are a great collaborative resource for the infusion of technology in education (What the DEN’s all about)! Each month, they have a “business” meeting, which also highlights a particular aspect of technolgy and education. October […]

  10. Just in time for the holidays

      The season of giving is upon us and this is a limited and unique opportunity for starting your holiday shopping a little early.  One Laptop Per Child is offering the chance to buy one of the new XO laptops that are being distributed worlwide.  The program is called “Give One, Get One” where you can donate […]

  11. CoolCatTeacher’s Best of the Web

    Vicki Davis is more than just a teacher in Georgia, she’s truly a force of nature.  Blogger extraordinaire, award winning wiki collaborator, and upcoming EdTechConnect presenter.   A recent blog post of hers shares her Best of the Web, a collecting of her favorite blog engines, RSS readers, widgets, and tools from all over the wide […]

  12. A Biome to Call Home

    Over the past three weeks, the 7th and 8th grade students at our school have been studying the characteristics, climates, and critters of Earth’s terrestrial and aquatic biomes. As with our previous genetics unit, the students used the interactive tutorials to gather facts and ideas to create their own biome projects. The students enjoyed the […]

  13. Veterans’ Day

    From my uncles who landed at Normandy a few days after D-Day to an old friend who was a POW in Korea and my classmates who served in Viet Nam, all I really know is that they were there. So I was very surprised when a couple of projects in my former school district got […]

  14. Digital Story Telling, November 10th

    Over 20 avatars showed up for Celestia’s Digital Story Telling workshop at the DEN in SL on November 10th.  For those of you who were unable to attend, but would like to participate in the contest, here are the rules: “The Great Digital Storytelling Experiment” Contest Rules (sponsored by the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) in […]

  15. Save the Date: November 14th

    Riptide Furse will be presenting this coming Wednesday, November 14th, at 4:30 p.m. SLT (7:30 p.m. EST) as part of the continuing ‘Workshop Wednesday’ series.  His workshop is entitled, ‘Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer’ and you will explore taking screenshots using Second Life’s built in screen capture tools. Rip will show you how […]

  16. Wednesday Workshop Highlights

    Our first Wednesday Workshops at the DEN was held November 7th.  Our guest presenter  Thonalon Umurov planned a great session to teach the basics of building.  He started out explaining prims and the ways to edit 3D objects.  The session began with participants selecting a sphere shape, learning how to enlarge it, move it, and […]

  17. But CAN you take it?

    Jeffrey Branzburg recently wrote an article for Technology and Learning ( entitled “You Can Take it With You” (How to integrate video segments in curriculum – without worry). To summarize, Branzburg is teaching us how to download video clips from YouTube, Google Video, etc (as they might blocked through many school districts). Here are his […]

  18. Florida DEN STAR Blogs

    Are you a Florida STAR DEN Member? Are you keeping a DEN Blog? If you answered yes to BOTH of those questions then I have a small job for you. Debbie and I are configuring the Florida Page to be a source of information for the DEN and a place to share in Florida conversations. […]