Monthly Archives: December 2007

New NetTrekker Features

If you are a Pennsylvania teacher, you likely have access to netTrekker through your I.U. (thanks to the PA Department of Education).  If you are hearing about netTrekker for the first time or have not had the opportunity to implement netTrekker’s resources, here are a few links that will help you get acquainted. Take a

Happy New Year from SC DEN!

I found a new link from the SL-DEN blog and wanted to share it with y’all. I always love finding new sites to create cards, slide shows, or photo books online. This one is called Smilebox. Smilebox does have advertisements on the free version, so I am wondering if it will be blocked at work.

AzTEA Upcoming Event

  On January 26th, Dr. Tim Tyson will be a part of the second AzTEA conference of the season in Tucson at the 16th Annual Teaching and Technology conference.  The theme of the day will focus on Students in a Global Village.     Tim Tyson will be presenting sessions titled From Classroom Knowledge to Global Contribution,

Great Websites for ELL or anyone…

We all have our favorite websites for learning.  I’m talking about sites that provide useful tools, frequently Web 2.0 style.  These are mostly things that we couldn’t even have imagined in a desktop environment a few years ago, let alone on the web.  With thousands of great sites out there, and more coming every day, 

AZ Tax Credit Time Again!

It is that time of year again when our pocketbooks are empty, exhausted from another holiday season!  If there is still a penny or two around, I would highly suggest digging deep to particpate in the Arizona Tax Credit Program.  There is almost no way to ever direct your tax dollars to a specific program

Kwout May Be My Favorite New App

I use a agreggator to collect and view new hot-listed websites on my laptop’s homepage. Every once in a while, I stumble over something truly interesting. Today it was Kwout (pronounced “quote”). Kwout is a cute little app that allows you to capture, or quote, parts of a webpage as an image map. “So

Happy Holidays!

And what wouldn’t this time of year be without a little re-gifting? Thanks to a tip from Elaine Plybon over on the Texas blog, I see that the good people at Atomic Learning are offering up free access to their Video Storytelling Guide through January 15th. Better unwrap this one quick. I didn’t see that

Merry Christmas

Rather than grabbing and filing a link, I’m getting a head start on my New Years Resolutions…..I’m actually using BEFORE I file to see if it warrants keeping it.  Got notice of a Christmas Ornament generator so decided to post it here. Created with – fun with your photos