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It's a Wrap – Gestures Show-n-Tell

It's a Wrap – Gestures Show-n-Tell

Thon Doing a BackFlip: Riptide Furse cheers with the crowd! (sound of cheering)  There was a great turn out last night for the Gestures Show n Share Wednesday Workshop.  At final count 14 people joined us at the DEN HQ on Eduisland II.  The evening began by looking at what a gesture is versus an animation or pose

Professional Development Available

After talking with teachers across Kansas over the past few years, many have expressed an interest in Discovery Education’s Unitedstreaming. The conversations were generally centered around how to best view videos, but there is a great deal more to Unitedstreaming than just watching videos. Dean Mantz has created some Professional Development training sessions based on

Make your digital photos BeFunky

I had a question a few days ago from Debbie Bohanan, asking me if I knew of any ways to turn a photo into a cartoon. There are plenty of ways to add thought bubbles (like ToonDoo), but not many ways to take a normal digital photo and cartoon-ify it. I’d heard that BeFunky.com was

Animal Planet + Eukanuba = 1 Outstanding Dog Show

From  CA DEN Guest Blogger: Jenith Mishne Thanks to Discovery, I had the opportunity to attend the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Show in Long Beach, CA last weekend. While I have watched many dog shows on TV, I have never actually attended one. It was fascinating, but of course, you must be a dog lover! No

Adora’s Archive and story starter!

“Bobby Baloney marched along with a determined look on his face, staring ahead into the gloomy darkness…” So began the story that Adora created with the help of hundreds of teachers and students from all over the country! Her December 5th webinar was an exciting journey into the world of creative writing, as she shared