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What Does Technology Mean to You?

What Does Technology Mean to You?

I’ve been attending the NSTA conference in Birmingham, Alabama, the last couple of days and I’ve been pondering something that has occurred to me at other, similar events. Just what does technology mean to educators? I work in somewhat of a technology “bubble”. My school district is has a one-to-one program in its high school

What are we doing in Illinois to address the ethical use of technology?

Today’s entry is really a question and a promotion for a project I am trying to put together for Middle School students. What are we doing in Illinois to address the ethical use of technology? Scott Meech is trying to put together a project for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students that will address ethical

Alabama Launches Leadership Council!

Welcome to Alabama’s DEN blog. We are so happy about having this exciting way to share resources, ideas, and learning opportunities. We the help of Discovery Educators Network, we have a way to provide statewide professional development activities, regular updates, and a way to network using our blog. The Alabama Leadership Council currently has five members and

Science Fair Session at NSTA

We had another fun session in Alabama talking about survival tips for Science Fair season.  Lots of great ideas from the folks who attended and hopefully they’ll share some of them in the comments below. A few of the links I promised.. Elmers Science Fair Central Discovery Education Science Photo Story 3 Wikispaces Voicethread